FIRE FACTS INCORPORATED focuses exclusively on fire and explosion investigation and the domains of science, litigation and training surrounding the matter.

FIRE FACTS operates on the cluster concept and can provide clients with forensic expertise in the fields of fire suppression analysis, combustion toxicology, metallurgy, organic and inorganic chemistry, computer fire modelling and engineering.

Picture of Mr. D.J. Merkley
Dennis J. Merkley, C.F.E.I.

FIRE FACTS INCORPORATED was founded in 1993 by Dennis J. Merkley, a retired Staff Inspector with the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal (OFM). During his career Mr. Merkley examined more than 1,500 fire and explosion scenes and has been recognized repeatedly by the Canadian courts as an expert in the field of fire investigation.

Mr. Merkley's last position with the OFM was that of Training Manager where he was responsible for overseeing the training and certification programs for Ontario's Fire Investigators. He is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and is the only Canadian member of a task force formed to develop a test bank for the certification of Fire Investigators by the International Association of Arson Investigators, a worldwide organization.

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